quinta-feira, 14 de maio de 2015

Wedding Crasher

Depois de ver essa noticia , me perguntei o por que dessa tartaruga aparecer, e na minha opiniao ai esta o por que:
After I saw this on the news,I thought what were the reasons for this turtle to show up and in my opinion, that is exactly why: 

HELP! Master Roshi is missing!

Has someone seen him?

ROSHII! Where are you?

GROOM: A giant turtle!
BRIDE: Honey, what are you gonna do?

Master Roshi! Found you!

Now we can return to Kame House!

TURTLE: Let`s!
GROOM: Let me go! Let me GOOOOO!

TURTLE: Let`s!
GROOM: Let me go! Let me GOOOOO!

Get off of my husband, you mutant freak !

BRIDE: Let it go!Let it go!Let it go!


?: Hey stupid!

ROSHI: Forget the guy! He`s not me.

Master Roshi, it`s you! Found you!

IDIOT! Told you I was going out. Now you messed up everything!

BRIDE: You are right, you two blew everything up!

GROOM: The turtle speaks..

Alright, alright. We`re going...

ROSHI: Call me!

TURTLE: When will you learn, Roshi!

ROSHI: Oh shut up, just wanna go home.

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